Why choose Greece

‘I haven’t been everywhere, but Greece is on my list'...

j a land of beautiful contradictions

k offers to the most demanding incentive winners the promise of fascination, discovery, excitement, fun and life-long memories

l always a great destination to visit, not only a vacation paradise

m has all the special qualifications that make it a serious alternative for the Incentive and Convention planner

n adaptable to all levels of activities and travel sophistication

o a combination of the historical past with the modern present

p a splendor of islands, food, music and natural beauty

q competitive in price, compared to other European destinations

r  unforgettable, since the Greek incentive program will be memorable

s hospitable, as foreign guests in Greece are treated as ‘long time friends’, due to the traditional hospitality and friendliness of its people

Why choose Athens

* Because it is a modern city combining a unique historical and cultural past
* Because it is a destination that has it all in one, offering great facilities and options
* Because it is the emblem of History & Art
* Because it is a swinging and cosmopolitan capital
* Because it is a city that never sleeps