Rhodes - Kameiros & Valley of Butterflies
Kameiros & Valley of the Butterflies
Time Duration
: 4 hours (half day)
From/to: Rhodes Port

Tour Description
After a scenic drive down the west coast of the island, viewing diversified villages, we ascend to the hill top of Ancient Kamiros. The archaeological site reveals the remains of a city, a characteristic example of Hellenistic urban layout and design, with a division into zones of public and private buildings, arranged around the natural slopes of the hill, with a chessboard system of streets.

Upon leaving Kamiros, continue to the Valley of the Butterflies, an idyllic and unique ecological setting of trees, streams and waterfalls. From June to September, thousands of butterflies take refuge in the crevices during daylight hours.

Prices per person for:
02 persons: 241.00
03 persons: 166.00
04 persons: 147.50
05 persons: 119.00
06 persons: 102.00
07 persons: 88.50
08 persons: 78.50

Prices include:
-Private transport with modern, A/C taxi (up to 3 persons) or minibus
-Professional, English speaking guide 

# Entrance fees: 9.00 per adult, excluded from the above prices.
## The prices are valid until November 2014