Crete - Archaeological Museum of Heraklion & Knossos Palace
Archaeological Museum of Heraklion & Knossos Palace
Time Duration
: 5 hours (condensed)
From/to: Heraklion port

Tour Description
A tour that offers an inside view of the Cretan culture and history. We will first visit the Archaeological Museum in the city centre and then continue with the exploration of the ruins of Knossos. The palace is one of the major must-see archaeological sites in Greece, presenting visitors with a rare glimpse into Minoan civilization. Accompanied by a knowledgeable, qualified archaeological guide who will offer in-depth personal attention, you will browse through the restored palace.

By examining the structures the Minoans lived in, you will have the best avenue for piecing together the threads of the Great Minoan civilization.

**Special Note:
Due to the extensive walk in Knossos, comfortable shoes and a hat are required.

Price per person for:
02 persons: 397.00
03 persons: 264.00
04 persons: 195.00
05 persons: 157.50
06 persons: 130.00
07 persons: 110.00
08 persons: 97.00

Prices include:
-Private transport with modern, A/C taxi (up to 3 persons) or minibus
-Professional, English speaking guide 

# Entrance fees: 10.00 per adult, excluded from the above prices.
## The prices are valid until November 2014