Past Events

Below please find a few events that we have arranged in the past:

MINI OLYMPICS:  “Pentathlon” competition, where the winners will be “crowned” by the “Kotinos”, a wreath made out of an olive branch, like in Ancient Olympia.  The five contests are:  Javelin Throw, Long Jump, Racing, Wrestling and Discus Throwing

PHOTO SAFARI:  Help with the publishing of the "National Photographic", where the guests will be the photographers!

  This is a typical Shrove Monday tradition, but it can be enjoyed anytime.  Athenians love to fly their kite on the Hill of Pnyx, the Hill where Democracy ever started.  This tradition is followed by traditional food and dance festival.  Winners to be offered special gifts.

TREASURE HUNT:  Get into groups of two or three, hop in a car, and explore the country side, meet the locals, while looking for the hidden “treasure”.   This function will end with a beach party and special gifts to the winner(s).

ADVENTURE QUEST BY 4x4:  Get into groups of two or three, hop in a car and explore the countryside, meet the locals, while looking for the hidden "treasure". This function will end with a party and special gifts to the winner(s).

  An outdoor Monopoly will be created, where pieces and players at the participants themselves!

ORATORY CONTEST:  This event will take place in the Ancient Agora of Athens, where participants will become temporarily “Greek Orators” on the “Bema” where Plato and Socrates used to speak.  A specific topic will be chosen for this competition, to be followed by awards luncheon at a nearby taverna.

  The task is for the teams to face as many of the 12 Hercules' labours (tasks) as possible, overcome the problems and finish in a certain period of time.

CREATING A DOCUMENTARY FILM:  The mission of this activity is for all the participants to create a documentary related to the subject of the company in question. The teams are asked to do the whole procedure, from the creating of the documentary up to its final presentation.

HOT AIR BALOON RIDE:  A trip to the clouds!  Don't forget your cameras!

“FASTEST SOUVLAKI MAKER” COMPETITION:  A fun but creative game and greek food experience taking place on the foot of the Acropolis, the Plaka.

DISCOVERING ATHENS: This walking tour introduces the old part of the capital of Athens– the Plaka. Guests and instructors will walk with a map of the area and a booklet which will contain cultural questions from different sectors and will accompany them through the way, during which they will encounter several stops, get further information in order to continue their wanders and fill in the blanks in the questionnaire that we will provide them with.

TROYAN HORSES:  Dealers come out from a huge Troyan horse, with other happenings and competitions taking place.

GREEK COOKING EXPERIENCE:  Each participant/team will have a role in the creation of a unique Greek dinner, from the purchasing proces to the decoration and menu tasting!

PLANTING MISSION: A gesture to nature, by planting olive trees in designated areas that need it!