Team Building programs (samples)
Discovering Athens
This walking tour introduces the old part of the capital of Athens– the Plaka – which is an inspiring experience and people will enjoy tremendously. Guests and instructors will walk from your hotel to Kidathineon Square, they will pass Tripodon street (the Tripod was were the “nobels” in old days, given to the sponsors, which have presented the highest quality of performance at the Theater of Dionysos.  They will pass the Diogenes Lantern and they will walk in and out the Anafiotika district, one of the first settlements of Athens, which consists of traditional homes and feels like you are in a small Greek village.Then pass through masterpiece Byzantine churches, such as St. Catherine, St. Sophia, then on to Lysiou street, where many tavernas and cafeterias exists and admire the tower of the Winds (Aerides), located inside the Roman Agora.  End up in the Acropolis, where guests will exchange gifts and souvenirs and where a small party will occur.

The whole event will start from the foothills of Acropolis where the participants will be introduced to their guides and the scenario of the hunt. Participants will start a route following the starting directions given from a map and a booklet which will contain cultural questions from different sectors will accompany them through the way, during which they will encounter several stops, get further information in order to continue their wanders and fill in the gaps in the questionnaire. Our guides wearing distinguished clothing will identify the stops.

The following locations will be visited:
-Kidathineon Square
-Diogenes’ Lantern
-St. Catherine
-St. Sofia

The venture commences by giving to the participants the map of the area, and the Questionnaire. The questions refer to the Greek ancient History, civilization, architecture and culture. On the map there are 3 Stations which are obligatory and 17 discovery points which are voluntarily.  Each station or discovery point equals to a certain answer, amount of points, directions. Participants have to plan, decide the fastest route and visit certain places/points. Each place give the answer to questions in order to achieve the maximum of points. All participants will be divided in teams of 10 persons each and will follow a different route. Assistants (our guides) will be by the team’s side along their way to provide answers when they reach the stations or points. The teams finally gather at a certain place where the small party takes place, declare the winning team, exchange ideas/answers, exchange gifts.

Photo Safari
Help with the publishing of “National Photographic”. You will be our Photographers!

The latest issue of the magazine «National Photographic» with the subject «Greece as a destination» and a special edition on: Athens is delayed, because the team of photographers from the whole world hasn’t found yet the appropriate pictures.

The participants, divided into teams, are asked to use their imagination and create the two-page edition of the latest issue, collecting pictures from sights and other information, necessary for the presentation of the area.
During the safari, they will seek for spots from which they get useful information which will help them make the two-page edition. For example:
-Dance like the famous Greek Zorbas
-Make your own souvlaki and offer it to your colleagues
-The oldest shoemender’s belongs to …
-Take a picture of two members drawing Acropolis

At the same time they will have the chance to meet with each other to operate as a team and have the time of their lives! At the end of their «journalistic research» every team will be asked to present what they have found to the committee.

The three winning teams will be awarded!

Mini Olympics
The idea is to present the participants with a renovating and fulfilling event so as to build an “Olympic Games” ambient. The event in whole, gives the chance to everyone that participates, to be introduced to the Olympic Spirit, understand the meaning of the Games and have fun.In doing so, everyone will participate in a number of activities, “Olympic” oriented, which can also be played competitively among teams.
-Participants can participate in teams
-It is a kind of Games that emphasises more in people's soft skills rather than physical condition.
-Creativity, innovation, development of ideas is the key words to success.
-The teams get involved in a rotating programme, and in every spot we have two teams participating.
-The guides hand the rules and regulations of the games.
-The teams are then guided by their guides/animators to their first activity.
-After their first activity the guide leads them to the next one.
-Approximate duration of each activity is 15-20 min.
-Their performance is first measured in time, length, points according to the type of the activity.
-We suggest that all the participants that take part to all the activities receive a participation diploma

4X50m relays with obstacles
It is a race where the teams have to delegate 8 members to take part in the race. This activity is performed simultaneously for the two teams, for example A1-B1, so as to be competitive. Teams get point according to the time that they finish the relay successfully and after passing the obstacles put in their way.

An Olympic game which uses professional equipment to aim the target. Experienced trainers will introduce the first and most basic steps of the game.

Weight Lifting
The team has to “lower” a weight using only their small fingers and touching all together the weight with that.

Funny Skiing
The team members have to balance on special designed skies of 5 persons each and walk a certain distance to the winning end.Sling competitionThe same game as the archery but with using slings to aim the target.

Ball Throw
The participants have to throw the heavy balls as far as they can.

Mini soccer
Playing soccer the conventional way is something well known to everyone. The mini soccer is played while the players in pairs have their feet tied.

Tag of war
This activity can be played only from two teams. Both teams pull the rope till it reaches a certain point: a game of strength and tactics.