Unusual locations for multi-purpose functions

Unusual places that can be used for multi-purpose functions (Gala dinners, Theme parties, product launches and others):

Art City-by Michalarias   3.000 pax
Arts center Halandri 550 pax
The Ionic Center  200 pax
The Kekropia Theater  900 pax
Ippostasio   500 pax
Zappeion Hall   700 pax
Lavrio Technological & Culture Park  1.500 pax
Nasioutzik Byzantine Estate 2.000 pax
Hellenic Riding Club 500 pax
Yacht Club of Greece 130pax
Ekali Private Club 500 pax
Athens Lawn Tennis Club 300 pax
Technopolis Gazi 600 pax
Balux Septem 5.000 pax
Antipolis biological estate 1.500pax
Archaeological Sites (under special permission), gardens, movie studios, old trains, villas, palaces, castles, light houses, bridges, casinos and others